MRS Group is a small niche development and construction company situated north east of Pretoria in the bustling Roodeplaat Dam area

Our aim is maximise value and income for our clients as well as our own portfolio by redefining spaces. This is achieved by better utilisation of existing property through sub-division, re-zoning, re-purposing(eg. Tourism) revamping and creating rental streams.

We offer a turnkey service, as well as advice, and have an innoative take on how to create value .

During the current tough economic climate, we are focussing on garden cottages, and additions that enaable property owners to create income streams on their existing homes. These income streams offer very high return on investment compared to investing in other forms of property investment, as land and service cost are effectively zero, as they already own the property. The fact that there are also no levies in this scenario, means that in these cases, your rentals are the same with a much lower cost, and a much higher return on investment.

Cottages on existing properties also offer an affordable solution for kids moving out of home or elderly parents wanting to scale down on size and costs.

Innovative apps such as airbnb.com as well as many local accomodation sites.also create an opportunity for people to offer furnished accomodation to the hospitality + tourism industry. This is especialy applicable to properties with proximity to bussiness districts, retail, sports stadiums, universities and tourism spots.

In these instances, we can also assist with web design and branding RE-Design, our inhouse marketing company.